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People know about the Constitution of the United States, but they're not aware of the extent to which the Constitution protect their rights, especially when dealing with law enforcement. The 4th Amendment protects citizens against unreasonable search and seizures, but too often citizens don't know how that applies to them, leaving themselves vulnerable to the actions of the police.

Know your rights when approached by the police

How to protect your 4th amendment rights

  • Police cannot search you, your vehicle, or your home without probable cause or a warrant.

  • Do not consent to any search of your body, including your pockets.

  • If you are not operating a vehicle, you do not have to take a breath test.

  • Do not consent to a request to search your vehicle. They need your permission or a warrant to do so.

  • Get out of your vehicle only when ordered. If ordered to get out of your vehicle, do so without delay

  • Do not let the police into your home.

  • If the police threaten to get a warrant, tell them to secure the warrant.

  • If the police violate any of these rights, do not fight them. Keep quiet and plan to have an attorney defend you against these violations of your rights

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